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Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

April 18, 2011
by Staff
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Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast 2011This past week we honored these folks with breakfast, awards and door prizes. The morning started with Nadine Warnex, who told her Habitat homeownership story to our volunteers. “I am the first member of my family to ever own my own home” said Warnex. We felt her message was heartfelt and an important reminder of the impact volunteers have on our families. Our staff was humbled by what some of speakers had to say at the event. Belita Broadus, an office volunteer, spoke to the fact that while she may not feel suited for construction, she’s able to give back by helping in our office. When talking about her volunteer experience she stated “My friends and family all know that Tuesday is my Habitat day”. This is a perfect example of how everyone is capable of contributing towards the Habitat mission. We also had Billy Crank from Michelin speak to the important role volunteering for Habitat makes in team building, an unexpected bonus of the partnership they’ve witnessed with Habitat. Our President, Monroe Free, illustrated the untold story “Homeownership has the ability to break the generational cycle of poverty.”

In 2010, we partnered with over 1700 volunteers, who put in more than 19,000 hours of service to Habitat Greenville in theseMargie Hillpositions:

  • Construction Volunteer
  • QAT Volunteer
  • Family Support Committee Volunteer
  • Family Selection Committee Volunteer
  • Project Team Volunteers (which includes the Project Leader, Project Construction Leader, Project Volunteer Coordinator, Project Amenities Coordinator, Project Task Leaders, Project Registrars and Devotion Leaders)
  • Board of Directors

Please take a moment to see our top ranking volunteer hours and our award winners of the year:

Volunteer of the Year – Ellen Butler and Paul Roberts

Battered Hammer – Margie Hill

Name & Hours
Dave Geisler* 172
Tom Welch 160
Margie Hill* 156
Ruud Veltman* 146
Billy Whitt* 138
Ellen Butler 138
Ed Walsh 133
Bill Oakes* 124
Linda Stazer 120
Adrianne Knapp 110
Gilbert Rivers 108
Keith Goodall* 108
Garnett Conaway 99
Bill McCaig 98
James Hearne* 96
Floyd Williams 92
Jerry Schafetz 92
Julie Eldridge 92
Joseph Geraghty 85
Becky Ledford 84
Charles Compton 84
Frank Skutta 84
Jerry Schafetz 84
Jim Hopkins 80
Keith Cunningham 80
Megan Chong 80
Mike Hamilton 80
Belita Broadus 77
Don Owings 76
James Boyd 76
Marilyn Clogston 72
Sung Chong 72
Johan Arzbach* 68
Sonya Vehorn 68
Lori Owings 60
Rodney Choice 60
Dick Poole* 58
Jeffrey Hudson* 56
John Dillewyn 56
Justin Lamb 56
Karen Scott 56
Kitty Dillewyn 56
Sissie Giddens 56
Walt Laiewski 56
Dolly Fox 54
Calvin Harmon 52
Cori Dierking 52
Jerry Absher 52
Jerry Lunsford 52
Constance Gawne 48
John Wieloch 48
Kevin Moore 48
Paul Roberts* 48
Sandra Cain 48
Stephen Rhodes 48



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"Habitat has opened up unprecedented opportunities for me to cross the chasm that separates those of us who are free, safe, well fed and housed, financially secure and influential enough to shape our own destiny from our neighbors who enjoy few, if any, of these advantages"

Jimmy Carter
Former U.S. President