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Homes for Heroes

Building a home for a veteran family in Greenville County.

Homes for Veterans

Habitat for Humanity's national program, Veteran Builds, was created to assist the 1.5 million veterans in the US who pay more than 50% of their income for housing. As our inaugural Veteran Builds initiative, through both the creation of our Gracepoint Neighborhood and our traditional Homeownership program, the goal of Habitat Greenville is to provide affordable homes to as many veterans as possible.

Program Criteria

Habitat serves eligible Veteran Applicants with total annual income up to 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). Families with children are a priority.

Family Selection is based on the following criteria:

Housing Need:

  • Be living in substandard conditions, or
  • Be living in an unsafe neighborhood, or
  • Be paying an excessive cost for housing, or
  • Be homeless

Ability to Pay for the Home:

  • Have a stable source of income;
  • Have a back-end-debt-to-income ratio under 40%;
  • Have no judgments or liens;
  • Have permanent resident status in the United States;

Willingness to Partner:

  • Applicant must save for closing costs, currently estimated at $3,000;
  • Applicant must complete "sweat equity" (volunteer) requirements of 200-250 hours in a timely manner;

Veterans are cordially invited to apply. Eligibility and Pre-Qualification forms can be found below. Please contact our Family Services Department with any questions: 864-312-5013.

Applications are closed at this time. Please check back in spring of 2024 when we plan to re-open the application season.