Steps to Homeownership

One Step at a Time, You Can Become a Homeowner

Prospective homeowners must meet employment and income requirements, broadly outlined in “FAQs”. Families who feel they may qualify are encouraged to complete the homeownership qualification form. Below is an overview of the process with major milestones noted. For families who qualify, approximately 12-18 months is required to complete the requirements for a Habitat home. Depending on individual circumstances, additional time may be needed.

Take the First Step

Complete the online qualification form.   

Step 2: Verification

If you pre-qualify, you will be asked to provide verification of residency and income.

Step 3: Orientation

After the qualification form has been reviewed and verifications are received, you will be invited to an orientation where further requirements and next steps will be discussed.

Step 4: Selection

After a home visit, you will be presented for recommendation by Habitat’s Family Selection Team. Their recommendation and the file of each approved family will be presented for approval by the Habitat Board of Directors.

Step 5: Partnership

If approved for the program, you will begin "sweat equity" volunteer hours and participate in homeowner preparation classes.

Step 6: The Match

After meeting the 75-hour sweat equity requirement, you will be eligible to be matched with a sponsor and build site, and construction on your home begins.

Final Step: Homeownership!

Upon completion of all sweat equity hours and payment of the homeowner portion of closing costs, you become a proud Habitat homeowner, move into your home, and begin paying your mortgage.

You will participate in the dedication ceremony held when the home is completed.