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Meet Amanda and Family


Amanda, Carmen, Alejandra, Amy, and Aylin

Amanda has three resilient children and dreams of giving them the stability she never had growing up. She’s a single mom who works a full time office job and shares a two-bedroom apartment with her mother, Carmen, and her children, Alejandro, Amy, and Aylin. The family has moved seven times now, due to poor living conditions and cost of rent. They would love a fresh start and the opportunity to grow roots in a home of their very own.

The family’s current living situation is not sustainable. Carmen struggles with health issues and mobility challenges that are exacerbated by their apartment’s location. Plus, the apartment complex doesn’t allow

Amanda’s children to play outside. Having their own home would allow the family to play in the yard, as well as have barbeques and do some gardening.

Amanda’s family remains united in everything they do, and are excited to see their hard work pay off. Through the Homeward Bound program, Amanda has learned money management and home maintenance, and is excited to apply her skills to the new home. She works hard to provide for her family — now she wants to give them a sense of stability and space to thrive.