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Meet Shaquala and family


Shaquala and her daughter, London

Shaquala is a native of Greenville who believes in the power of perseverance. After her father passed away when she was only five years old, Shaquala was raised by her mother and great-grandfather – who both instilled in her the mentality to stay focused and work hard. And that’s exactly what she does, as she lays the stepping stones for her homeownership goals.

Shaquala and her daughter, London, age 7, are currently living in an unsustainable housing situation. The neighborhood is not safe, as it’s littered with drugs, alcohol, loud parties and fighting. Their apartment has flooded four times, and the maintenance department isn’t responsive. Shaquala and London avoid spending too much time at home due to the negative conditions inside and outside of their apartment.

Although she currently works in the call center for Chartspan, Shaquala’s plans is to return to school for health information management. London enjoys swimming, soccer and dance, and is testing above her grade level. Shaquala is looking forward to seeing how a new sense of permanence can help London continue to thrive.

For the family, the concept of home means relaxation and peace of mind. London will finally be able to play outside, plant flowers and feel secure in the new neighborhood. Shaquala attributes her newfound homeownership to not letting life’s distractions get in her way. It’s definitely challenging as a single parent, but she’s fully committed and continues to make the sacrifices needed to achieve her goals – for her and her daughter.