Meet Eric, Friend, and Family


Eric, Friend, and family

Eric and Friend are the proud parents of three beautiful children. Friend manages a Dollar General Store while Eric manages the household. Friend served in the Army as a Cook and Eric served as a Marine. Over the years the family has moved from rental house to rental house. They are ready to become Homeowners and settle down in a safe and affordable home where they can paint the walls and make modifications without having to ask for permission.

Their oldest son Anthony goes to Greenville High. Eric states that because “Anthony has down syndrome it is best for Anthony to be on a rigid and predictable schedule. And a consistent place to call home would certainly help.”

Their middle child, EJ, is 10 years old and is their “Brainiac” who wants to be an engineer and a gamer. Their daughter Natalie whom they lovingly call “their shining star” is 8 years old, very artistic and loves to cook. All of the children are excited about having their own space!

Because they rent, both Eric and Friend feel that their neighbors sometimes look down on them when all they want is a comfortable, quiet, and safe place to raise their children. They appreciate the importance of responsible fiscal management and are excited to be working with Habitat to make their homeownership dreams come true.