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Meet Andrew, Dena, and Family


Andrew, Dena, and family

Andrew and Dena Leake have two young kids and a strong yearning for a real home. Dena is a server at Cheddar’s and Andrew works at a printing company. Dena grew up moving around a lot and Andrew’s family has rented for most of his life. They’ve had little sense of permanence and truly desire stability for themselves, for three-year-old Andrew Jr. and for Lydia who is one.

They found Habitat through a friend from Dena’s work who recently completed the program herself. At first, Dena and Andrew were skeptical. “There had to be a catch, “ Andrew said, but then realized there was only an upside. So, they worked their way through the program, learned financial responsibility, and are about to become homeowners.

To them, home means stability and a safe environment, the ability to modify things that can’t be done in an apartment, and as Dena says, “The chance to have my kitchen be MY kitchen.”

“This home will improve my relationship with my husband,” states Dena, “And give my kids a better chance to succeed and in general eliminate a lot of stress. We thank God for Habitat donors and volunteers.”