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Help Habitat Families Adversely Affected by Covid-19

March 19, 2020

Habitat families are going to be directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. But you can help!

We are committed to keeping these families in their homes. Your gift today will help make that possible.

These families are the receptionist at your local dentist office. Your hair stylist. The server at your favorite restaurant.

They are the ones already being devastated by this crisis.

They are:

  • Losing hours of pay because of workplaces limiting hours
  • Losing pay because of mandated business closings
  • Parents needing to figure out how to make ends meet and take care of their children who are now home because schools are closed

They are families like Simonita’s. She and her 4 children have lived in their Habitat house since 2016. When they moved in, Simonita stated, “Our home is an amazing blessing, after a long time of hardship for us.”

We anticipate at least 20% of our families not being able to stay current with their mortgage due to the economic downturn. Because we hold those mortgages, we’re able to keep them in their homes, as long as we have the funds. As of March 18th, we have been directed to close all operations on the build sites and in our stores for at least the next two weeks. This will have its own negative effect on the ability to pay our bills.

No one plans on a pandemic. So, in the short term, Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County w[MP1] ill bear a heavy financial burden that this crisis is causing. Through your donation, we can continue to support families like Simonita’s through this difficult time.

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For Greenville Families,


Habitat President/CEO

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