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Numbers Don't Lie

Impact Survey

Evidence That Habitat Transforms Lives

The Link Between Homeownership and Health

The 2016 Homeownership Impact Survey explores the connection between the affordable homeownership provided by Habitat and the positive changes experienced by low income families. The impact on physical, emotional and financial well-being is dramatic and inspiring.

Key results from the survey:

  • 96% feel their family is more stable
  • 95% are more confident
  • 70% report that a family member has attained a degree
  • 75% feel their family's overall health has improved
  • 86% spend more quality time with their family
  • 84% teach their children how to budget
  • 67% state their children's grades have improved
  • 66% say their children's school attendance has improved
  • 32% have received a promotion or raise

To read the complete survey, click here.