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Bridge Builders

“Abraham Interfaith Build” events are designed to foster greater cooperation, understanding and friendship among people of different faith traditions

Habitat’s Bridge Builders series is a joint effort to foster greater connection, cooperation and goodwill among different groups in our local community.

The first build, which kicked off in June 2019, partnered the Greenville Police Department, representatives from local African American churches and Christ Church Episcopal to donate funds and time for both Bridge Builder projects and helped serve as a catalyst for the series. The Abraham Build was the second in Bridge Builder series construction projects.

The Abraham Interfaith Build is named in honor of the prophet Abraham, who had a central role in the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths, bringing together representatives from Greenville’s Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities to join forces to build a home for a family in need.

Representatives from each of the congregations have the opportunity to work alongside one another for a 12-week long build. Participants also share a daily meal and interact closely, giving them a unique opportunity to engage and build relationships with people of different religious traditions, and emphasizing their common goals of extending kindness, building unity and spreading the love of our creator.

“In today’s world, it can be easy to get discouraged and assume the worst of people, especially those who have different beliefs from our own,” said Monroe Free, President and Chief Executive officer. “The Bridge Builder series seeks to address that problem head-on by focusing on all that we have in common and demonstrating that small actions can yield great results. We are building a home to break down barriers.”

Habitat for Humanity hopes to start additional Bridge Builder projects in the near future and welcomes input from local organizations who have ideas or would like to offer financial or volunteer assistance for Bridge Builder or other projects.

For more information, contact Mark Steenback, Vice President of Resource Development, via email at mark@habitatgreenville.org